Generic Exception: Error: (404)

A member of my field team is unable to upload 12 surveys despite successfully submitting 15 at a similar time. The surveys which we cannot upload remain in the ‘Send Finalised Form’ tab with a message reading ‘Sending Failed’.

We have double checked the server info, internet connection and the date on the device being used but are still having issues.

Exact error message reads: Error: Generic Exception: Error: (404) at

Most of us have been facing server errors. Probably is because Kobo schedule for yesterday and today some maintaining of the servers. Probably tomorrow the server will be ok

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Thanks for your reply but unfortunately we’ve been having this issue for a weeks now

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@co2balance2, cc: @ricardovr22 FYR:

I am also having the similar kind of error message. Other forms are working correctly but there is one form having this kind of problem.

One error message with the same form is coming when trying to open the form. This message is - ‘This form is too complex for this device. Try simplifying expressions or ask for help on the forum’. Can anyone help me for the solution?

Welcome back to the community, @merkobospr! Could you share a screenshot of the same? Maybe that should be helpful for the entire community to understand your issue pictorially.

Hello KTB team
I am unable to upload 8 surveys. The surveys which we cannot upload remain in the ‘Send Finalised Form’ tab with a message reading "Error Generic Exception (404).

We have double checked the internet connection and the dates, but we are still having issues.

Hi @nsg_facilitadores,

Can you share which server you are using?
And a screenshot of the error message?


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@nsg_facilitadores, would you mind sending it again? Sometimes, you may also see this when the server is not responding (i.e., when there are server issues). Let us know what happens! Also, please check the submissions (total counts) before the submissions get synced with the server and after they are synced. At times, the data may not get synced in such cases.

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Hello Karl, I already sent them in different times, but still the same error come up.

@nsg_facilitadores, in this case you will need to check your server settings. Maybe it’s connected incorrectly. Apart from the server settings, please also check the date and time of your device. These are loopholes that should render this error message.