Generic exception error 404

Four connected forms (to collect sequential data over time) were shared with 30 data collectors (each with thier own username) and permissions were set (add and view submissions) for each data collector and copied for all 4 forms. For the first form, data collectors had no trouble submitting finalized forms but for the remaining three forms many are unable to send finalized forms and receive a generic exception error: (404) despite checking the serveur, username, time and date settings. Any ideas or suggestions welcome

Welcome to the community, @vgrime! Could you also share a screenshot of the error message the enumerators see and the screenshots from the Settings>Server? These screenshots should help us troubleshoot your issue.

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I’ve shared the screenshots you asked for. I just wanted to add that if I switch the username in KoBo Collect to that of the project owner (mfp_mopss) then all forms finalized by the other user (in this case mfpmopss-vlg) are correctly sent.

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For information I specified “username” as metadata in both the form itself (KoBoToolbox) and in KoboCollect (under user identity )

@vgrime, so it’s just an issue with a particular user account? Could you also let us know if that particular account that holds the survey project (which you cannot submit to the server from the Collect android app) has a lot of media questions in it?

No the problem occurs for most of the 30 user accounts most of the time (very occasionally a submission goes through without the problem but it’s rare). The 3 projects concerned include no more than one question involving media.

@vgrime, maybe uninstall the app and install it again to see if the same happens?

I already tried that. I decided to try switching serveurs from the humanitarian serveur to the ordinary one. I used the same forms but with fewer shared user accounts and permissions and I’m able to send completed forms for all 4 connected projects from all 9 accounts without any error messages!! I still have to add a few more users but I’m hoping that won’t destabilize the system. Are there any predetermined limits for sharing and permissions?

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@vgrime, thank you for sharing additional details. Could you also let us know the total number of users you have shared the project with?

On the humanitarian server, the project was shared with 81 users in total (in 5 countries). Having simplified the permissions as much as possible, my aim is to share with 35 users in total. That is what I’m trying to finish setting up on the other server having succeeded with a more limited number

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Thank you, @vgrime! These details are much helpful in troubleshooting. So are you still getting the submission error even when sharing the project with 35 users?

We’ve succeeded to submit from all 35 users in the version on the server. We’re now trying to replicate this on the humanitarian server having deleted and reinstalled all the old forms and settings.

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We need to work on the humanitarian server because of the storage limitation of 5GB on the other one (which we are likely to exceed as the project will collect data over several years).

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Hi @vgrime,

Quick inside from my end, I’m using a form in non-humanitarian server with 105 users without any problem.

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Thanks. That’s good to know.