Generic exception: Error: Form is not active


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  1. … now, two URLs have been configured in Tablet android KOBO App, every URL is necessary to for different activity, so our colleagues for accessing protection monitoring form has to switch to USERNAME-A and then proceeding other activity has to switch back to previous URL, now they shared us an error as : “Generic exception: Error: Form is not active”, I hope switching one url to another does not cause such problem

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System raises an error and does not allow to process and raises such error: “Generic exception: Error: Form is not active”,
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Welcome to the community, @AliShefaie! Could you share with the community a screenshot from the Settings>Server? We may need the screenshots from both URL configurations are you have configured two accounts. Maybe this should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Can I share the server settings in private? How can I do that

@AliShefaie, you could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

There is no option for personnel message here & if I shared the screen it is visible for everyone, I would be really thankful if you give more instructions , Thank you

@AliShefaie, could you refresh your page or log out and log in again? That should solve this issue.

I refreshed the page and did logout and login, but still have the same options & I am not able send you personnel message.

@AliShefaie, I checked both the user account you shared with me but did not find the project name Surkhroad (sultan poor)HH in any of them. Seems like it’s either a wrong username you have provided, or you should have deleted the project name already. Could you confirm if this project is still deployed on the server?