Get data column/value from choices sheet


I looking for all the possibility for get datas from a choice in a select list.
@Kal_Lam , you taught me the select_one_from_file and the pulldata function, and it work’s great, thank !
After that, I test choices_external sheet, but without success.

I want to test all the possibility for make a my choice.
I have found another way and I don’t know if it’s a bug, or if it’s normal behavior :

I had a choice_filter in my survey choice. this has the effect of adding the list of choices in the XML.
(test with xlsform Online)
So, I had a calculate with the xml path in the calculation field.
And I get the data :slight_smile: !

My XLSForm :
get_choice_data.xlsx (20.4 KB)

What do you think about this ?

@jdugh, we will include these documentations in the community soon.

Hi @jdugh
Thank you for your post.

Glad to know this works for you.

It would be interesting to see how you have executed this. However, I would strongly recommend that you look at the following discussion. I believe you can customize your form using the logic that had been provided.

I tried looking at your form and I did not clearly understand what exactly was your goal. If you could please clarify and confirm whether the information I have provided above also clarifies your issues.


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thank for your reponse.
@stephanealoo , thank you for your link to the post. I will test this soon.

My issues is not really a issues, but just a question if my XSLForm used a bug or not.

My target :
For each choice in the list, I have a lot of attach data.
Like a Person, my choice list is the surname, and the attach data is the age, the city of birth, the job, etc.
And I want to get and show all this datas in the form.
So, the external CSV work.

But I have test this by accident :
When I had a choices_filter in the survey sheet, I saw that we could get all of column in the choices sheet : name, label, and my own other column (for my attach data). (whitout the choices_filter I have the feeling that I can’t).
In realaty, I don’t need the choices_filter (revelant at false in my xlsform). But with this, the choices data is in the XMLform !

If it’s not a bug, can I use this solution for bypass the use of external csv, and add all my attach data in the choices sheet !?

The XMLForm with and without choice_filter (I have simplified the form for this post)
get_choice_data_whitout_choices_filter.xml (1.1 KB) get_choice_data_with_choices_filter.xml (1.6 KB)

Hi @stephanealoo ,

I reply you about my test on choices_external sheet :
I have test this XLSForm :

(find here : XLSForm Docs)

The Enketo result is : Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox

Maybe I need to create another post ?

@jdugh, kindly please be informed that you could manage your survey project through select_one_external question type as discussed in our previous post: