Get KPI version via API endpoint

Hi everyone,

I hope all is good. I’m wondering if there’s a way to get the version of KPI used with the server you’re using. KPI version 2.023.12 was just released this week. I would love to have the info via API call, it’ll help me improve robotoolbox.


Thank you for your generous support in contributing to KoboToolbox by creating and maintaining the R package, robotoolbox @dickoa.

Regarding your inquiry about the KoboToolbox API and its capability to provide the KPI version, I regret to inform you that currently, there is no API endpoint available to retrieve the KPI version directly. I would thus recommend creating a GitHub issue here. By documenting your request and outlining its significance, you can engage with the KoboToolbox development team and the wider community. This will allow for further discussion, evaluation, and potentially the implementation of the requested feature.

Your initiative to raise this matter on GitHub will not only bring attention to the need for a KPI version API but also provide an opportunity for other users to express their support and contribute to the conversation.

Thank you once again for your valuable contribution to the KoboToolbox community. Your efforts are truly making a difference in enhancing the platform’s functionality.

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Thanks again the prompt reply and kind words @Kal_Lam.
I’ll write an issue on Github explaining why it can be useful to also expose the version via an endpoint.

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