Getting data from pre-defined set in.a field base on a selection

I have a set of data like this file “link removed” and ODK form like “link removed”.
I want that the ODK form to retrieve the name and age of relevant items for selected CDC_Code and load them in the group (repeater).
Is it possible to do so? If yes then how.
Thank you.

Hi @esmatullaharifi,

You could do the same using the pulldata function as outlined in the support article Pull Data () functionality in KoBoToolbox.

As a reference, you could also have a look at a simple workaround shared previously:

Have a great day!

Thanks for your quick support.
I have two questions:

  1. Do CSV files supported by ODK mobile app? If not then how I can include these data in the same form?
  2. In the sample file for one code, there are many related rows in second file, then how I can retrieve all of them and place them in the repeater?

Hi @esmatullaharifi,

Regarding your first query:

Yes. You could have a look here to learn how to upload a csv file.

Regarding your second query:

Sorry could not understand this well. Could you kindly please explain it again (maybe with a simple example if possible).

Have a great day!

Thank you so much for the clarification regarding my first question.
My second question in simple words:
The data to be pulled has 4 columns (CDC_Code, Household_Code, Name, Age) and in my ODK form, the first question is a dropdown called CDC_Code.
For each CDC_Code there is more than one row in the data file.
Whenever a user selects a CDC_Code then in the repeated group section Name and Age of related rows should appear. Suppose if we have 5 rows related in data file then the repeater group questions should be repeated 5 times and display that data.

Hi @esmatullaharifi,

Seems like you are trying to pull a multiple response data. Kindly please be informed that pulldata is able to pull the information but you should be specific (i.e. it should have an exact match).

Have a great day!

So multiple pull is not possible?

Hi @esmatullaharifi
You have to pull each column at a single instance i.e. using one pull instance. You can then use calculate functions if you need be to merge them.


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