Getting data from repeat groups into one sheet within excel

Hello, I hereby ask you that after collecting the data on a tablet with Kobocollect, if the data is downloaded in Excel, the grouped questions come on a separate sheet, is it possible to have all the data on a single Excel sheet? Thank you in advance !

This is by design. You are not able to get the data within the same sheet since the repeat groups have multiple data points for a single instance. See the discussions that have happened here before


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Hi @stephanealoo and , Your topic has been useful for one case that i have, where I am trying to export the data collected using the API V1., but i don’t know, why these data sometimes is complicated to publish and get the data on a order and well structured in Google Docs using the “importdata” function and moslty even that doesn’t update the changes, in the last project that I had I had at the first week about 5 submissions, and then I deleted 1 submission, that update of the submissions never was shown on the Google Sheet of Google Docs, I don’t know if you could help me with that.

@abass, @ingluisrojas, you should be able to merge repeat group data with the main data with Excel as outlined in the support article: