Getting error message while loading survey forms (in a self hosted server)

Hello, could you please help me?
I have installed KoBoToolbox on my own computer and now I’m creating forms to try them, the problem is when I try to see how the form looks like, I mean after deploying I try to open it and I get this error:

The Enketo-express version is 2.5.6

Thank you,

Santiago Tamariz

OK, maybe would you mind trying the following steps to see if your xlsform is OK?

  • Download your xlsform.
  • Validate it with the online validator to see if there are any syntax issues.
  • If there are syntax issues, fix it and try deploying it again through your self-hosted server to see if you are able to deploy it.
  • If there are no more syntax issues in your xlsform and you are still not able to deploy it in your self-hosted server try deploying it in one of the publicly hosted KoBoToolbox servers (either in the OCHA server or the HHI server) to see if you are able to deploy it there.

Good morning,

I validate my XLSForm in the online validator and everything is correct in syntax, then I upload my xlsForm to KoboToolBox servers and there I can open it. But there is the same problem in my self-hosted server.

Thank you