Getting error message with enketo

G’day from Australia. Was this issue solved in some way? I am having the same, a number of respondents get an error message when trying to open a survey link. Both using phones and laptops, but the links works fine on my computer. Would appreciate help, this is undermining trust in my research. thanks

Welcome to the community @henrybartelet! Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the issue you are having. This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

I do not have a screenshot, but i got the following feedback:
"the links do not load. "
“We have tried on two different laptops and not having any luck”
"That link isn’t working, however it is working on my phone. "
"My laptop is HP and was using Internet Explorer & the other is Dell but not 100% what browser she was using, whether it was Chrome or Explorer. "
“I did try 3 times and every time did not allow me to do it”

So looking at your issue, i am able to confirm the following:

  • Your survey projects should be OK as you are able to load your survey forms successfully with some device while only some has issues.
  • Note: Enketo aka web forms are only supported with modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Enketo does not support browsers such as Internet Explorer.
  • Sometimes, even modern browsers may have error message. This is generally seen when the browsers are not updated to it’s latest version.

Try verifying these things and your problem should be solved.

I am not sure. I just feedback from another participant:

"I get some warnings from my browser when I want to open your link… not sure to open. Is this the correct link? "

Maybe we could see if it’s an issue if you share the link with us through a private message.

I tried, but it said “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

You should now be able to send a private message.

I don’t see any error message while loading the form at my end:

Neither do I, but some participants cannot open it.

Also I have multiple times (more than 10x that I know of) the situation in which the survey results don’t come through after the participants submit it. They are stuck in the browser or something. This is causing me a lot of issues, as I have to ask participants to go back to the page on the same device and browser and click submit a few more times (and then it usually comes through). but often people don’t tell me when they have submitted so that I don’t know if it is stuck or not.

I don’t know if this is a problem of the software but its very problematic.

Hi @henrybartelet
I would like to narrow your issue to two things:

  1. Error when loading Enketo for some of your users; this points out to a browser-specific issue on the part of the user and not a system issue. You should ask them to try different browsers to see if their issue persists. You can also have them run console i.e. Ctrl+Shift+J
  2. Data stuck within browsers: This points to a connectivity issue on the side of the users. Normally if the data stays within the browser, it is not a system issue but rather a connectivity issue.


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Stephane, I appreciate your feedback. Regarding point 1, as you are probably well aware with data collection, there is no second chances. You must be very lucky to get people to fill in the same survey in another browser again. Regarding point 2, I would be surprised if this is a connectivity issue, since it happens so often. From some people I was able to reach out to again, they were able to load the survey again, it showed up empty, but after clicking submit again, I received the results. This to me looks as if your webform does not transmit the results in many cases. But I am not an internet expert, but something to look in to.