Getting Export Failed [Error 28]

I’m getting Export Failed [error 28] message when I download the data in all my forms. This has never happened before to those forms. Last I downloaded was on February 14th and it was working fine till then.

Please help…
Thank you

@elasmobranchid Same problem in my account.

Same problem here

I have the same problem

There is a notice that appears when selecting it that there is no space left on the device

Welcome to the community, @elasmobranchid, @tiganiii! @AbdulrahmanAshfaq, @m7sen92 is the issue still on? We had a system-wide overload which has already been resolved. If you still have issues, please let us know.

It worked for me this morning… Thank you very much !!

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Thank you for confirming @utsi.mtptc!

It’s working yesterday for Xls format, Thanks

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