Getting export failed error on all forms

I’m getting Export failed message when I download the data in all my forms. This has never happened before to those forms. Last I downloaded was on July 14th and it was working fine till then. I have not redeployed the form in recent weeks

Saludos, también presento un problema simlar al exportar mis bases de datos a archivos XLS, me aparece Exportación Fallida y una notificación que dice “ültimas Sesiones no Guardadas”, Ltest unsaved settings en inglés

I’m experiencing the same. When I hover the mouse over the message “Export Failed”, a tooltip displayed states “Errno 28] No space left on device”. I believe only the Kobo Tech team knows what device is being referred to here.

También estoy exportando como XLS

Welcome to the community, @SPMEAPRODESSA, @computechdevadmin! @paani, @SPMEAPRODESSA, @computechdevadmin is this an issue with the OCHA server?

Yes. I have problems on OCHA server.

Hello @Kal_Lam , I think the issue is resolved as of now. I downloaded an XLS report of one of my projects and it worked properly.
Thanks a lot to you and all the team that is working behind the scenes.

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Thank you for confirming on this @paani!

Howdy @Kal_Lam
I second @paani 's message!

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Así es, me ha pasado en el servidor OCHA

@SPMEAPRODESSA our team is looking at it and it should be resolved soon.