Getting information (labels) on a map

Hi everyone! I need to locate multiple places in a survey. The survey question is something like this: “what are the most important environmental hotpots in your neighborhood?” (hint: mark up to 7 in the map) . I would need to provide the neighborhood’s map in the online survey and the respondents should be able to select up to 7points in a map, not only one

A map of the neighborhood is available in google maps, i.e I could include the link

Does someone know how to do that?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @crobledo,

Welcome to the community! You could do this by following the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: In the survey tab of the xlsform (Design your survey tab as outlined in the image below:)

Step 2: In the choices tab of the xlsform (Design your choices tab as outlined in the image below:)
Image 2

Note: For this, you will need SVG image of the map you wish to work with. Once you have SVG image, Right click the SVG image > Select, Open with > Select, Notepad. You should see something as shown in the image below:

So while designing the choices tab, consider the text in id (i.e. NP-BA) as the text that should be written under the name column and consider the text in title (i.e. Bagmati) as the text that should be written under the label column (refering from the SVG image).

Step 3: Upload the xlsform

Step 4: Deploy the survey project

Step 5: Upload the SVG image (As outlined in the image below:)

You should now be able to view the map and select it’s location.

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Note: This feature is supported in both Enketo and Collect android app.

Reference xlsform:
zone.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Reference SVG image:
Sorry could not share the SVG image as i was unable to upload the same. But you could visit the site from where i downloaded the map. It’s here.

Have a great day!


Thank you Kal_Lam!

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Hello. Thank you for this great explanation. I followed the instructions and I can view my map
but automaticly a second unnamed languague appared

Preview it’s ok while I keep both languagues, but I can’t edit my form with an unnamed language. The problem it’s when I delete unnamed language my map disappeare.


How can I solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

Processing: Ensayo con plano1.xlsx…

Welcome to the community, @angelajim! Maybe you will need to go through the support articles to manage languages in your survey project:

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Thank you. But it seems language wasn’t my issue at the end.
I fixed but the problem still remains when i try to deploy my form and I get this answer. “svg image can’t be found”

These are files I’ve been usingProcessing: predio brisas.svg…

formulario_koBo_Brisas.xlsx (9.9 KB)

This is my image in svg predio brisas.svg - Google Drive

Thanks again for your support

Did you deploy the survey project after uploading the image file to the server?

Thank you so much for your quick answer
Yes, I had deployed it, but I didn’t work.

Finally, I decided to created a new xls file following again the instructions presented at the beginning of this post and it worked. I didn’t know which step I did different this time but it works.

This is the result

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Great to know it finally solved your issue.

Hello :). I need to ask for your help again. I did the svg where people should be able to add one option as below, but the selection does not work for some reason. I can see the graph in a preview mode, but it is not present when I deploy it. In preview mode I can see that it is changing the color when I point each letter and the labels are visible, but I can not select it. Do you maybe have any idea what I did wrong?

@Malgorzata, maybe you will first need to try this out on a map to see if you are able to do it correctly.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thank you very much for your reply. I think that I finally made it work. The problem is that you can no refer to a group in svg file but only to path. I was using inkscape to make the graph and it also requires to change the referred object into path. Maybe someone will find it useful :slight_smile:



Hi @Malgorzata, can you elaborate this? So the future users will know the problem better.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya, sure.
when you create objects in inkscape you can group them and the group will have specific id (id=“layer1” in the example below). you can not use this group as a chaises option - it must be single path id. you can not use object id (“rect739”) as well - this is not a path but the object.

So first you have to change your objects into paths


and you then can use it for selection. Make sure that you refer only to one path (not a group)


@Malgorzata Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

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