Getting Server Error (500) in my project

Hello, I’m having the same issue with the same error message appearing.

Please can you share how you managed to resolve this? Thank you!


Sorry to bother you but I saw that you’d helped someone else resolve this error message problem but I’m not sure how you resolved it! I’m experiencing this same issue- when I try to view my data, I get this error message: <!doctype html> Server Error (500)

Server Error (500)

My username is xxxxxxx and the project name is April site mapping. I’m using the global server. I’d be so grateful for any advice about how I can see my data!

Best wishes,

Welcome to the community, @AnnaM! Are you still getting this issue?

Hi, yes I still get the same error message when I try to view my data.

@AnnaM, is this the project having an issue with one submission?

@AnnaM, when quickly scanning your XLSForm I could see the following issues:


  • Use of ' in the name column header of the choices sheet.
  • Use of (space) in the name column header of the choices sheet.

Could you kindly fix these issues and validate your XLSForm through the online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

Hi, thank you- I fixed the apostrophes and spaces, but when I put the form through the validator, it suggested that there were two other errors which I don’t understand. I’ve attached a screenshot and would be really grateful for any advice on what they mean and how I can address them. Thanks so much!

@AnnaM, the first advise is that you should have a media question type in row 79. Try using the max-pixels parameter as advised if you wish to reduce the file size of the media as outlined in this support article “Photo”, “Audio”, “Video” and “File” question types.

The second advise is that you use the appropriate language code as outlined in these support articles: