Getting status code 500 error while getting blank form download

I am getting The server returned status code 500. When Getting Blank form. There are 2 forms deployed one is getting downloaded, but other form is giving this error

@whpkobo, could you share with us a screenshot of your issue? Maybe a screenshot of the Settings>Server would help us understand your issue.

Hi Attached is the screenshot, it is happening in only one user though the permission are same as of other users

@whpkobo, would you mind downloading your Vasa Form B as XLSForm and then validating it against this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

Hi checked that form is valid as per online validator. Problem is it is not working for some user, i have newly created a user and added it to the project with all permission, the second form is not downloading it is giving status code 500 error, while for other users it is working perfectly fine.

Is there a limit of no of users that can use the forms.

@whpkobo, do you mean it’s working completely fine for some users while it’s an issue for others? Did I get you correct? If this is the case, could you inform your team (with those having the issue) to upgrade their KoboCollect Android App to it’s latest version? Maybe this should solve their issue.