Getting URL from KoBo Account

Dear KoBo team,
I am trying to find KoBo account URL to sharing with team on adding into mobile KoBoCollect GeneralSetting server and I couldn’t get it as it was very easy in project legacy. so could you assist me in this regards.

Try configuring your KoBoCollect android app as outlined below and it should work for you:

In the KoBoCollect android app’s General Settings>Server>URL:


If say User_A is in the OCHA server, use the following URL:

If User_A is in the HHI server, use the following URL:





Thank you and it means we can not get it from KoBo account, right?

Well, if you click the Android application under Collect data from FORM, you should be able to see the following settings:

In an HHI server:

In an OCHA server:

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Thank you Dear, that would be great if we have it.
please review attached file what we have under same

You will need to check the drop down that you see under Collect data (Online-Offline (multiple submission) to Android application.

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Thanks indeed Dear Kal_Lam for alwyas support, I got the point and issue is resolved