Google maps layers not loading in app

Hi @anjomanbaz,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind being more specific on what you wish to do with google map in KoBoToolbox.

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A solution had been by @Kal_Lam as follows:
Would you mind trying out the following to see if it solves your issue:

In the survey form:
Ensure you have typed maps in the appearance while building your xlsform (or survey form in the Form Builder User Interface).

In the KoBoCollect app:

  • Open KoBoCollect app
  • Click to settings
  • Click General Settings
  • Click Maps
  • In the Source, select Google
  • Get back to the home scree of your KoBoCollect app

You should now be able to view the map (powered by Google Maps) in KoBoCollect .

You can find the entire discussion here


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I had the Same issue then I changed the map type to MapBOX and now it works perfectly