Google sheet API downloads for grouped data

Hi, greetings!
Can anyone help me in providing solution to get the Grouped Data in Google Spreadsheets with Parent ID and Index number as it is downloaded in CSV or Excel file in Kobo collect Data–>> Downloads section.

I have a data set where in we are looking for a number of persons trained and their basic details such as name, age, contact details, etc. Under repeated group for each training conducted.

I tried several ways, somehow the data spread vertically only in columns in Gsheet when refreshed with API connectors. But, I need it in two different sheets one for main data and the second sheet with grouped responses with Parent ID .

Kindly help me.

Welcome to the community, @PrashanthSJ! Have you tried this with Excel Power Query?

Hi @Kal_Lam Thank you for quick response. I haven’t tried with Excel Power Query. Basically, I need it in Google spreadsheet as I wanted to link the data with Google Data Studio for visualising.


The GSheet template indicated here might help you :

You might have to duplicate the RGroup sheet and adapt its formula in A1 cell if you have several repeated groups.

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@Kal_Lam, please create a sperate function “importRepeat()”, just like “importdata()”.
with importdata() we can import parent data (normal CSV file) in google sheet1. It’s already available.

and with importRepeat() we will import child data in google sheet2.

I think its not available as of now. This is a very old discussion and nothing has happened till now.
you can use PowerBI. it automatically download 2 tables. parent and child. try once

Thank you! I tried and got the same in PowerBI