Google sheet to CSV media file

I synced my kobo form with a google sheet using the steps mentioned here

the sheet will be updated on a daily basis
is there a way to convert the sheet to CSV and upload it back to the form so the team can get the latest update using pulldata() functions?


@Naeim, have you gone through our support article Dynamic Data Attachment? Maybe it should solve your issue:

thank you @Kal_Lam for mentioning this,
one question, is it possible for the parent project and the child project to be the same project?
for example, I am monitoring the daily work progress in an aparment and I need hint from the already subimitted records, so I only have one project.
if it’s possible, is it the same steps I should follow??
and thank you for your painstaking efforts

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Yes! We will be updating our article on this soon!

I am trying to get this to work on the same form but I doesn’t work.
should I change the syntax somehow? I kept the syntax the way they are in the article but I get a message that I can’t deploy the survey