GPS Coordinates - Hidden

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Due to some security concerns, I want to collect the GPS coordinates hiddenly in KoboCollect. Is there is anyway?

I meant, the question (GeoPoint) should not be displayed in the questionnaire.


Hi @rahmat,

Have you tried this as described in the post earlier:

It should work smoothly with Collect android app.

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just to add: a user has to accept auditing and can deactivate it.

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Hi @wroos
I agree and I believe by using an audit consent question with a yes or no, the hidden GPS question could be captured or not captured respectively.

Therefore it would be important for @rahmat to note this and action it on the form too.


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Dear @stephane,
this is automatically “asked” by KoBoCollect system on Android, if audit is in the form… So, no need to put more. Also, you cannot deactivate it by a form question, I think.
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Thanks, @wroos
Let me also test it against some GDPR compliance checkpoints. Interestingly I have been working a lot on GDPR related issues so worth the check once again.


Dear @stephanealoo ,
Did you find time already, please, concerning the GDPR compliance issue?
(There are new postings in the community related to collecting hidden GPS data).
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Hi @wroos
GPS, just like names and addresses, all are personal identifier information. The deployment of the audit question gives clear information about this collection happening in the background with an opt-out choice. When this data is collected with the consent approval, the issue is more around how you handle the data. From a compliance standpoint, KoBoToolbox is still compliant with the GDPR component. However, the owner of the project must fulfill their compliance in terms of how they use and grant access to the data.