GPS for repeated group not appearing on KoBo map

I created a repeated group template using kobo, after collecting the data on GPS point, i tried to see the position kobo map is not showing.
How can i see the points on kobo map, not exporting it to another platform?
Thank you.

Hi @mustyabdullah,

Welcome back to the community! Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox at the moment does not display any of the contents from the repeat group either in its CUSTOM REPORTS page or in it’s Map page. Hence this is why you are not able to view your GPS points that is within the repeat group in the Map as expected.

This is because, the structure of the repeat group question is a bit complex when compared to the normal ones which you should be able to see them in the CUSTOM REPORTS page or in it’s Map page. For a simple understanding kindly please have a look at the image shared below (which is a downloaded version of the XLS dataset representing a question that has two repeat group):

Image 1111

Here the normal questions are resided in the first tab viz. Survey or labeled 1. Please note that the names of these tab should differ from the one that i am sharing with you. The information that is within this tab is seen in the CUSTOM REPORTS page or in it’s Map page. Similarly, the image shared above also has the second tab viz. D_O_O or labeled 2 and the third tab viz. DO_O or labeled 3. Kindly please be informed that these are the additional tabs that you see based on the number of repeat group questions that are available within your survey project and the information from these tabs are not seen in the CUSTOM REPORTS page or in it’s Map page. In my sample survey project i had 2 repeat group questions hence there are two additional tabs (as shown in the image above).

Have a great day!


Hi @Kam_Lam,
Thank you for welcoming, even though am not new to the community, i joined in 2018.
This issue of GPS points on repeat group not appearing on map is given me much headache for long.

Thank you for the support. and have a great day too!

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