GPS question appearance+bugs

Hello everyone,

I would have the following questions about the geopoint question.

The research bar from Enketo webform is not working. While I am looking for a place “city, country” I can not find it?

Also for the respondent, I would like to hide for them only the accuracy and the altitude since we only need the latitude and longitude mode.

Is there any instruction for appearance that allow to hide the accuracy and the altitude in the question?

Thanks in advance, & regards,


Could you also try this out when the device is connected to the internet?

I try to connect when I am connected to internet.
Should the geolocation be active on the computer, also for the research mode?

Did you also turn the GPS on for the device?

Yes I do, but the research bar mode is not working in the question enketo form. Even with differents browsers and and GPS activated.

Could you share a screenshot of the same? That should be helpful for the community to understand your issue pictorially.

Hi @lisa_vdh, can you also share which server are you using?

  • Humanitarian?
  • Non-Humanitarian?
  • Custom server?

It seems to be working in the non-humanitarian Enketo Web forms.

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Thanks ! I wrote “New York” . It is not locating “New York”

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That’s indeed a good question, I didn’t thought!

We are using our own custom server.
Yes you are right, on non-humanitarian it works!

Why it could potentially not work on our own server?