GPS Validation

Hello Sir,

Is there any system through I can validate GPS

Hi @sarbeswar,

Could you please explain it with an example so that we better understand your situation and better respond (if it’s possible).

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Dear Sir,

I have some village list and village coordinates.
While the data collector will go to the GPS then it should be matched with my given coordinates.

Hi @sarbeswar
If I get you right; you have GPS coordinates (set 1) and you want to verify whether interviewers went to GPS coordinates (set 2) that are the same as set 1… For starters there I no way to do this within the system. You can, however, look at workarounds:

  1. Export your data with GPS coordinates (set 2) and add them as a layer in GIS analysis software. You can then add the set 1 and visually inspect for proximity. Rather cumbersome if we need automation. You can use Google Maps to do this; unfortunately we do not offer support for this so you may have to check on that side.
  2. In excel, you can also create a formula that checks the distance between two coordinates such that you verify whether set 2 is within a certain distance from set 1. You can use the example provided here. Just like in workaround 1; we do not provide support on this too,


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