Granting somebody else the ownership for the survey


I have developed a form which I would like to give to somebody else to use, i.e. I want that person to be the owner and thus receive the answers on the survey. Is this possible or do they have to remake the survey from scratch? Do I have to give up my login credentials (abandon my own account) to make this happen?

Hi @petman, welcome to the KoBo community :tada:

You can share the project with someone else so that they can receive answers to the survey, make changes to the form, etc. Please refer to the support article here for more details: Managing Permissions — KoBoToolbox documentation

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Thanks Josh for welcoming me and the guiding link! Reading the information, however, I do not see the option of “donating” the form to someone else, i.e. I want someone else to assume ownership for it (or at least a copy of the form as I do not want to receive any of the responses myself. Maybe I misunderstood if there was such an option, but I could not see it.

Hi @petman, you are correct — there’s currently no method of transferring ownership of a form completely. You can share the form with someone and they can then “clone” the form rather than building it from scratch. Or you can download the from as XLS, share that with them and they can upload it and deploy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, thanks again, I’ll pursue as suggested :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also interested in the survey .