Granting users permissions to delete records

I created a form and would like to give certain users the option to delete records. I have provided them with all the permissions and still they are unable to delete and can only flag with the verification permissions. Is there a way to provide permissions to delete actual records if they are not the owner?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @dara_glifwc,

If you have only selected ‘validate submissions’ at the bottom of the permission list, the user will not automatically have all the permissions. Try re-entering their username and selecting ‘edit submissions’ to add to the permissions and enable them to delete submissions.

Hi, I’m having a similar issue with giving users access to delete individual records. They have ‘Can edit’ permissions. When they access the record (clicking on the ‘eye’ icon in the table) and click on the trashcan, then confirm ‘Delete’, nothing happens. They are using Mac computers and have tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. I created and deployed the form and am able to delete records, but they are unable to. Is there a different setting needed on the form or different permissions needed?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the suggestions @mike.destaubin. I have removed the user and then reassigned permissions with the “edit submissions” and no validation permissions. It is the same thing as @cprosperi’s post. On a Windows operating system in Firefox, the user can see the records, click on the trashcan to delete and confirm to delete, but the record is still there and it does not delete. I was the one who created the form and deployed it, but I am trying to give access to another user to delete.
Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance for your help and time, it’s greatly appreciated!

HI @dara_glifwc @cprosperi

We’ve looked into this issue further and it turns out it is a bug with KoBoCAT. We have created an issue report ( and we hope to have it resolved soon.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Team KoBo

Awesome, thank you so much!


we have encountered this same issue at this moment.

can someone help us?

Good day!
I have a similar problem, where I’ve granted different Users permission to View Submissions and Edit/Delete Submissions; however, a User is now able to see other Users’ submissions as well and therefore there’s a risk that he/she can delete or edit another user’s info, while the I’m not able to limit the permission for him to only View/Edit/Delete his own submissions.
I mean when I check View Submissions only from specific users (and I type his own name), the Edit and Delete Submissions permission is deactivated; and when I select the latter, then the View Submissions only from specific users option is deactivated.
Any advise?

Hi @Vladimir,

Apologies for the delayed response! Are you still facing the issue? If yes, would you mind having a look at the support article Managing permissions. Please let us know if it worked out for you.