Greetings mates! I have an Error loading form issue at hand, I am in the field and stuck

Greetings Mates.

I am collecting data in the field and all over sudden, after filling many forms, I got a message reading “Loading Error”
Kindly help me as I have a lot of forms that have important information from respondents.

Hello @888882,
Better remove the public form link? If authorization is not set, any one knowing the link can send data, even multiple times.

Concerning your report here, I tried it now and could submit without error. You may need to delete this submission with name “nobody”, please, from your server.

If you need to share a public form link here, you might create a clone and share it the with test-option only.

Side-note: You can see in the test submission, that there is few control on data consistency, e.g. multiple contradictory selects are not constrained. Sometimes the type should be select_one, e.g. yes / no / don’t know.

@888882, this post discussed previously should help you solve this issue: