Loading Error - Samsung Tablet issue


I’m having a trouble using the kobotoolbox on my samsung tablet (model SM-T110). First of all, the link for the questionnaire does not open on Chrome. I have then installed other browser, Mozilla Firefox (version 68.11.0).

The link for the questionnaire is:

And the error message I got is:
SyntaxError: ‘.question input[data-type-xml=“geopoint”]:not([data-setvalue], [data-setgeopoint]), .question input[data-type-xml=“geotrace”]:not([data-setvalue], [data-setgeopoint]), .question input[data-type-xml=“geoshape”]:not([data-setvalue], [data-setgeopoint])’ is not a valid selector

The message also says to send an email to support@example.org, but the address is not found.

Any help will be appreciated.


Welcome to the community, @fernandapalhano! The error message you have been seeing could be a browser issue. Try using modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. These modern browsers should help you avoid getting the same. But having said that, please also note that these browsers should be updated to it’s latest version.