Grouping and Skip logic issue


I would like to ask a specific question that bothers me lately and causes me lots of wasted time.

So I have an assessment form that has different kinds of assessment questions for some variables. So my variables are Age, Person who attended sessions (Caregiver or him/herself), type of session (Assessment, session, and Discharge), and attended (Yes, No). So when you chose Caregiver, Assessment, and Yes, you will see a different form than the Him/herself, Assessment, and Yes. Assessment is done once and after that we provide sessions. To differentiate the forms, i have toz skip logic,

So my problem starts right here, for the assessment I face no issue, but the problem starts when the first sessions were provided to a different person, So assume you had the assessment with the care giver and filled out the caregiver assessment form, but if the second session provided to person’s him/herself, skip logic confuses and shows the person assessment form as well even though we didn’t choose the assessment for the person.

Below you will see the assessment filled, which shows the correct form, but when I choose the caregiver in the second repeat, I show the caregiver assessment form, even though the attended session is empty. It shouldn’t show the caregiver assessment form unless I choose the type of session as the initial assessment and attended yes. Is there any solution to it?

I will share the lighter version of the form if you would like to review it.

aHjt6u4jLVwT9RVQkWyxAV (1).xlsx (14.6 KB)

@osmanburcu Hi, Merhabalar,

You need to put your group of questions inside the repeat loop. So the system can understand you are referring to the question inside the loop for each instance.

Şöyle ki: Formunuzun şimdiki halinde sorular repeat groupun içindeki soruları 1 soru olarak görüyor. 1. Kişi, 2. Kişi, 3. Kişi gibi ayırabilmeniz için sorular repeat group’un içinde olmalı.


Hi Hakan,

Thank you for your response. It is a good approach, I appreciate it. But currently, it is not feasible because I have collected massive data, and it will cause lots of problems in my dashboards and scripts. So I am currently trying to find a solution without changing the structure of the form. If I can’t find any solution, I will use your solution for the next cycle. I tested it, it works as expected.

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Sorry to hear that.