Guidance_hint icon cut (AR, right alignment) in KoBoCollect - if no additional hint


a) The Guidance_hint Icon (i) is cut off as “)” in KoBoCollect for Arabic (right aligned language), if there is no additional hint for the same question.
Setting is: AR language as app and as form and Form management > Show guidance for questions is: Yes - collapsed.

b) Also, if a (normal) hint is set in AR, KoBo will automatically also add and show the same for EN (default language), even if nothing in XLSForm cell…

Steps to Reproduce

Guidance Icon CutOff.xlsx (12.9 KB)

  1. Import XLSForm Guidance Icon CutOff
  2. Preview in EN (see automatically hint created for EN version)
  3. Print EN version (see hint created for EN version)
    4 Deploy
    5 View in KoBoCollect, with settings AR / AR and Show guidance collapsed

Expected behavior

a) Icon should be fully visible.
b) No (EN) hint should be automatically created if not specified for this language.

Actual behavior

See example.
Guidance Icon cut-off

Icon should be like this

In EN an automatically created (copied) hint appears, without specification in XLSForm

Same in print-out.

Additional details

OCHA server, XLSForm, tested also in XLSForm Online. Current Enketo and KoBoCollect versions (19/07/2020). Firefox (up-to-date, 78.0.2, 64-bit) for print. Same results with Chrome.

A workaround is to add a dummy “-” (normal) hint for AR. But KoBo will then also create automatically a “-” hint in EN interface and print-out (since some months).

Problem might also exist for other right aligned languages.

Further hint: There is no AR translation in Enketo for “more details” so far.

Hi @wroos,

Apologies for the delayed response! I just tested this out and could see the following in my android app.

Do you see an issue in my screenshot? It seems to be fine at my end.

Have a great day!

In addition to what @Kal_Lam has mentioned in his response, I see no error in the display.

I also noticed that your Enketo page could be an issue with your browser as opposed to Enketo. I would suggest you do check on the following two areas:

  1. Check if this works in other browsers?
  2. If No to 1 above, try opening an Arabic page (without translation) in your browser and see if you get any issues.


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Hello @stephanealoo,
I am sorry to say, but it’s about KoBoCollect (Android). So, I think, broser issues are not relevant here. I. will come back to the topic this evening.
Have a nice week-end.
Kind regards

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Hello @Kal_Lam
May I ask you, please, to review the steps in the bug report. It seems that:

  1. You only changed the language for the form, but also need to change to AR in GENERAL for KoBoCollect system on the device: Main Menu >> General Settings >> User interface >> Language
  2. You have left the default for Show guidance for questions as :“No”. But we need to set it here to “Yes - collapsed”: General Setting >> Form management >> Form filling >> Show guidance for questions >> Yes - collapsed.

Probably, you will then get the same two screens as above in the beginning of the bug report.

Side-note: For AR (and probably other right aligned languages) we always need to change to AR in the General setting to AR and in the form settings to AR. Otherwise elements like choice-buttons, lists, entry cursor, top title, etc. will not be right aligned.
Kind regards

Hi @wroos,

Could we see if the issue still persists in KoBoCollect v1.27.1 (which is an upcoming release of the KoBoCollect android app). Apologies at my end as i could not test the same (due to language barrier):

Or, maybe you could test the same with ODK Collect v1.27.3 and see if the issue is still there. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Have a great day!

Hello @Kal_Lam,
I tested now with Coolect v1.27.3. Same bug.

The AR setting is this one
Of course, this is a minor problem. And we found a workaround (add dummy normal hint, like - for AR, see second screenshot on top). But it may touch other right aligned languages too and confuse enumerators.

Could you tell me, please, how to test against a future KoBo version? (Maybe extract this as extra topiic?)
Kind regards

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Hi @wroos,

Will let you know once we have a beta track that is ready for anyone who wishes to make a test on the future release of KoBoCollect android app.

Have a great day!

Hi @wroos,

Maybe if the issue is not fixed in ODK Collect v1.27.3 the issue should remain unfixed in future release of KoBoCollect android app.

Have a great day!