Hauwei Device with Kobo Toolbox Mobile App

Dear Community,
My device is Hauwei P10+ just doesn’t work with Kobo collect mobile app. Any comments please, I really need help.

Welcome to the community @sreangphaly! KoBoCollect app is compatible with android OS. If your device does not use the Android OS, your device should not be supporting the KoBoCollect app.

Dear Support team, my device is Hauwei P10+, Andiord OS. It is just have problems for few week since I used to use Kobo mobile app for few year ago

If this is the case, you could download the preferred version from our GitHub repo:

Dear Kal,

I have installed it and use it before. Unfortunately, I can’t fill in the blank form. It showed the message as attachments below :

Did you install KoBoCollect android app or did you install ODK Collect android app?

Here is the android app

OK, I guess you have installed both the KoBoCollect android app as well as ODK Collect android app in your device. There are some devices that has this issue when both the Collect android apps are installed. So as a solution, you will need to remove one of the apps from your device and also clear the associated folders manually (if needed). This should solve your issue.

Ahhhh… It is working now after uninstall ODK.

Best Regards​:pray::pray::pray:

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Very much appreciated and thank for your support. It is working now. Everything done. :pray::pray::pray: