Have a builder for calculations in the KOBO form builder

Hey there :slight_smile:

We were thinking about an interesting feature: have the possibility to create some simple calculations for your form directly in the Builder without having to use the XLS syntax, a bit like is the case for constraints and skip patterns today. You could at least have sums, subtractions, multiplications, divisions (or more if possible, such as text calculations)… Example: instead of writing “${a}+${b}, you would be able to either write directly in XLSForm or “Add a calculation”, which would open a box where you could select all the previous variables in your form in a dropdown and then add the operator from a dropdown list (+, -, *, /…) and then select a second variable from the list etc.

I am working with KOBO Humanitarian response

It would make things easier for someone not at easy with XLSForm syntax for simple calculations.

Thanks to take this into account