Have issues submitting data to the server [Generic Exception: Error: (404)]

I am facing the same problem while sending the data to the server as the submission date is over. I tried it after changing the dates in the device system. But not working.

Welcome to the community, @aunyalamgir! Could you also share a screenshot of the same? That should help us understand your issue pictorially?

@aunyalamgir, you are having this issue because the records you are trying to submit to the server do not have the project you are trying to sync with. FYR:


You may have either deleted the project from the server, or you may have configured your Collect android app wrongly.

I didn’t find any mistake in the mobile app configuration. But I fixed some bugs in the form and deployed the updated version on 22nd August. But it was working properly. Last submission of the data was 31 August. Now only the old versions data collectors cannot send the data to server.

@aunyalamgir, I have taken a screenshot of your account that holds only 2 active projects. And these active projects do not match the one you are trying to submit to the server. This means that the project you are trying to submit does not exist on the server; this is why you are not able to submit the submissions to the server.

I am a similar problem. How can I have it resolved? As in the screenshot attached.