Have KPI (new) exports to Excel format dates and numbers as such

The main reason why I’m still using the legacy reports as opposed to the new report format is because one can filter the “today” column of the report very easily in the old format. The column is recognized as a date column in excel and you can filter by month, year etc.

In the new format, the date field is stored as text and there’s no way to quickly filter a full month or year.

Request you to please fix this issue, as the downloading of the new report is more straightforward and I’d really like to start using it.

There’s an open issue at https://github.com/kobotoolbox/kpi/issues/1266. It’s unfunded, but hopefully we’ll address it soon.

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The new export feature just rocks, hopefully we can also get the date columns in the right format? :slight_smile:


@ks_1, this is a long-standing issue that hopefully we’ll tackle soon :+1: