Have predefined lists of options to use

Hi everyone!

When you are working with a big form one option comes in mind : being able to have predefined lists of options to use on the KOBO Builder.
The idea is to do not waste time by recreating answers already used in previous questions. Some group of questions can be generic.

We are using KOBO Humanitarian response.

Here are some examples:

  • have a group : Yes/No/Don’t know
  • select a likkert scale such as
  1. Totally disagree
  2. Disagree a little
  3. Neutral opinion
  4. Agree a little
  5. Totally Agree

The goal is to save time and make the use of KOBO Builder easier. Thanks to this you will no recreate identical options as many times as there are questions. It will be less fastidious.

The shape of this could be as for the questions/questions groups you can select in the library, like a library of answers.

Thanks to think about it !
Chloé :smiley: