Having data download issues “Invalid data_type : select one”

Thanks @Kal_Lam for the advice. It works for me as well when I faced the same downloading issue. Now I wanted to know what causes the error in my case. When I put the cursor on the error it prompts the following message “Invalid data_type : select one”. I checked my select_one type variables but nothing seems wrong. Can you help with this?MAMII_IE_baseline_SN_Back_check V2.xls (279.5 KB)

@ohebie, when I look at your xlsform closely I am able to see the following typo error within a select_one question:

If you look closely in row 11 and 12 you will see select one being used instead of select_one. Fix this and redeploy and that should solve your issue.

We have a GitHub issue for this which you should be able to follow it here: