Having difficult retrieving questionnaire from the humanitarian server

I have problem retrieving my questionnaire from the Humanitarian server even after full details of the URL , Server and password . Its telling me invalid Username or password when iam trying to download the tool into my smart phone

Hi @samamer_consulting
Welcome to the community forum. When is the last time you had been able to log in to the server? Could you send a link to the server you are using and, separately, your username and email associated with it so that we look further into this?


This is the link https://kobo.unhcr.org/#/forms/aRr4zZJkM7bkqpsMesgG97


Hi @samamer_consulting,

Would you mind trying out the following configuration with your KoBoCollect android app's General Settings>Server>URL:


If your account is in the OCHA server, use the following URL:


If your account is in the HHI server, use the following URL:




For details please see the support article here on configuring your KoBoCollect android app so that you are able to sync your forms and data between KoBoCollect android app and KoBoToolbox server.