Having issue with pull data csv file


I am experiencing the same error on all browsers. I am using ubuntu, Can it be the reason why?

But unfortunately I am a new user I can not upload, please help

@Kal_Lam please see link to my files below



Welcome to the community, @Jerome_Michs! When looking at your pulldata function used in your XLSForm, I can see the CSV file name as data. But the CSV file you have attached is named csv. Try renaming the CSV filename to data, and then it should work.

You should be able to learn more about pulldata function through our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox.

Thanks @Kal_Lam

I have renamed but still the issue is the same.

@Jerome_Michs, maybe share the updated document again?

@Kal_Lam check the files below

pulldataa.xlsx (5.5 KB)

data.csv (734 Bytes)

@Jerome_Michs, I observed the issue in your CSV file. FYR, I could see a blank column (column D) in your CSV file which is not needed …

I removed this blank column (column D) and I did not have issues loading your pulldata form. FYR …

Thanks @Kal_Lam
I don’t know why I was missing this :smiley:

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@Jerome_Michs, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: