Having issues when collecting data with Safari and iOS


I am having the error (failed to execute ‘transaction’ on ‘idbdatabase’ kobotoolbox) when participants use Safari and iOS.
My survey contains 152 questions.

Thank you for your support

@giangiax, try using modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Maybe our support article Troubleshooting Enketo Web Forms should help you explain more on this.


I have read the guide you sent me.

So, if I use online-only version data collection, should I solve the issue (I’d say “once per respondent” rather than “single submission”)?

Thank you for your reply.


No. What I meant here is that Enketo would not work as expected with Safari. Hence you will have to use other modern browsers.

Are there any solutions/alternatives to use Safari on Enketo?
Otherwise it should be a relevant limitation…

Feel free to go through Enketo’s FAQ. A snapshot of the same: