Having issues with select-one-from-repeats

Thanks for upgrading pyxform! I am looking forward to this feature.

Two questions remain:

  1. The GitHub issue for this is still open. Should it be closed?
  2. I can’t get the feature to work in my tests. I’ve uploaded exactly the form in @Kal_Lam’s example. When I click “Preview”, I see a spinner that never disappears. When I try to deploy the form, I’m seeing a Server Error (500) message.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Are you still not able to collect data through Enketo or Collect android app?

@Kal_Lam yes.

Enketo shows this:

(note that there’s a suspicious ${Q2} at the bottom. Not sure where that comes from, but it might indicate that the form is somehow not handled correctly. The spinner does not go away even after waiting a few minutes.

I’m not able to try the Collect Android app, since I can’t deploy the form due to the 500 Server Error.

Don’t preview it. Try to collect data outside the Form Preview using either Enketo or you could also collect data through Collect android app.

But to do either of those, I have to deploy the form, right?

And I can’t deploy. When I try, I see:

unable to deploy
if this problem persists, contact help@kobotoolbox.org
Server Error (500)

… as shown in my first screenshot above.

Did you try with the exact file that I shared as a workaround? If yes, please also let me know the server you are using?

You might also check with Online Validator and the Preview there (and save as XForm).

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Hmm… I had thought that I did. I believe I only copied it from Excel to a spreadsheet on Google Drive, then used the import by URL… but I might have inadvertently modified it in the process.

I’ve now tried the exact file that you’ve shared. This time, I was able to deploy. So either I had made a mistake before, or the error was temporary. I apologize for taking your time!

Edit: after a bit more testing, I’m thinking that the deployment error may have been temporary. I’ve just encountered the error again, but I could deploy the same form when I retried.

Note: The form preview still does not work. I’m still seeing the spinner and the '${Q2}' in the bottom left. This is a minor problem, however.

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@Sjlver, FYI please be informed that there are still some issues with this feature as it’s not completely compatible with the KoBoToolbox UI. Our team is still working on it and it should be resolved soon.

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What is the current advice for the community and the status, please?

  • Do NOT yet use select_one from repeats with KoBo Enketo version, incl. KoBo Preview?
  • But there is no problem with KoBo Collect (or ODK Collect)?
  • And there is no problem with form upload or deployment?
  • But you may encounter problems with submission view and edit?
  • So better do NOT use select_one from repeats with KoBoToolbox at the moment?

Maybe the title of the GitHub entry should also be updated? … by upgrading pyxform to v1.3.1.

@wroos, you could definitely use select_one_repeats question with KoBoToolbox.

The Form Preview still does not support this as there is still some fix necessary for select_one_repeats to be integrated into the form builder UI.

Yes, you should be able to collect data smoothly with Enketo as well as Collect android app.

KoBoToolbox has no issues with uploading and deploying a survey form that holds select_one_repeats question type in it.

The report view at the moment is affected (if you have select_one_repeats in your survey project) as this question type is not supported in the form builder UI.

You could use it but it depends on how you use it. If you wish to see the custom report on your server or you wish to download the data collected for it in XLS format or you have a repeat group question that downloads the data in XLS format then it’s probably recommended not to use this in your survey project. You could only use them when we fix this up shortly. However, if this is not the requirement for your survey project you could use them and download your data as XLS (Legacy) format smoothly.

Will however update this post once we have any updates.

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Hi @Kal_Lam,
Current restrictions? Seems to work now.
See Select-one-from-repeats not supported in KoBoToolbox - #9 by Kal_Lam and https://community.kobotoolbox.org/t/problems-with-data-in-generated-repeat-groups-in-enketo/12555/16 and Support select_one from repeats by upgrading pyxform to v1.3.1+ · Issue #3040 · kobotoolbox/kpi · GitHub.