Having issues with submission counter


I am having a similar problem with a form of mine too. I was not able to edit or delete forms while data cleaning. Can I share the form details by provate message as well?


@manavi_d, could you explain your issue a bit so that we could understand it? At the moment, your issue is unclear. Maybe you could also share screenshots to make it more clear pictorially.

@Kal_Lam, sure. Here’s a screenshot for your reference.

This form was active till two days back. I had started cleaning the Kobo backend then. I was able edit/delete some forms. But with some others, at first the form submission row was not displayed, and then after I entered the individual _id number it would sometimes show up but did not accept any edits or get deleted.

If I tried to delete a form submission of such kind it showed Error 404 and if I tried to make an edit it showed Error 403.

I have archived the form since then. So, please let me know if I should ‘Unarchive’ it.

Thanks a lot

@manavi_d, could you provide me the following information through a private message?

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@manavi_d, kindly please be informed that your data has been synced. But we would love to learn more about how this happened. You have provided a brief description but it’s slightly confusing. Could you clarify them?

Do you mean you were trying to delete some of the survey projects from your user accounts?

Here do you mean to say that you were able to delete some of the survey projects of submissions to the survey project?

Here I understand the records for a survey project. Did I get it correctly?

Additional information would help us troubleshoot and stop similar issues from happening in the future. Hence we would appreciate hearing back from you with more details of what exactly happened.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Please find my responses below:


Response: I was trying to both edit and delete form submissions from the user account.


Response: That’s right


Response: So, while filtering submissions by villages (because that was the unit we were checking by) on the user account I found that some submissions weren’t showing up. How I knew some submissions were not showing was because I have created a report on Google Data Studio to visualise the data and while filtering by village there I could see those same submissions. So I knew the data hadn’t been lost but there was some other issue.
So then I tried entering the _id in the Kobo backend to see if that would pick up the form I can’t see. And most times it did. But then the issue with such forms was that I could neither edit nor delete them.

Some additional background: Another user account too has access to the form submissions. And they were making edits and deletions at one point in the past few months. I think, we caught the difference in the number of submissions on the counter and that at the top of the table a few weeks back. But it didn’t really throw up any issues till we tried to this cleaning exercise.

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