Head request status code 200

Our Haiti team is receiving a HEAD request status code: 200 when they try to submit the completed questionnaires. I am using the same questionnaire, but am having no issues submitting and receiving the data. Our form is connected to a google spreadsheet. I verified that the URL listed after “failed to send” on their error message is the same URL as the google spreadsheet. I am worried about loosing collected data by redeploying the questionnaire. Please let me know what to do. Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @bmuffoletto! Do you mean you are using google-sheet to store your data as a server?

Hello! Thank you for your fast response. Yes, our URL submission link on the XLS and XLM is to a editable google sheet. Also, I have confirmed that the Server is correct under settings. I am happy to send you pictures of any aspects. Please let me know if that would be helpful

Yes, that should be very helpful. Do send us screenshots and all the details on how you configured them.

Please hide these from feed as they show the direct editable link to our data sheet. What perplexes me is that I have not had a problem submitting the form, but they receive the error code. I confirmed that we are using the same version of the form (via ID name).

If we delete the form on their tablet and redownload from google drive, will it still allow us to send the questionnaires that were filled out yesterday?

What do you use to collect data (KoBoCollect android app or Enketo)?

I am using ODK

Would you also ensure what your team are using? Would you recommend them using ODK Collect android app as you are doing?

Yes, we are all using ODK collect

Could you also check your team’s configuration settings for the Collect android app?

Update - I had them redownload the form and try filling it out and send it. Here is the error message they receieved.

Don’t know if you wish to try out another way round which has already been discussed in the community before. It should solve your issue:

Thank you for sending, this is how it is currently set up.

I dont understand why it would work on my tablet, but not our staff’s tablet. They tried redownloading an old version to see if was something wrong with internet or the application, but they found that they can submit the old questionnaire with no problem.

My main concern is to protecting and receiving the data: - Is there a way to get the data from the questionnaires they completed yesterday with the jr_form_id error and sending abilities being broken?