Header Lines / Formatting in Choices List

Hello All,

Is is possible to group the choices in a select_one or add a header or even a line in between the options. This is purely for appearance and not a functionality issue.

For example:
Which is your favorite?
Fruit(non selectable)
Vegetable (non selectable)

As far as I know, only per workaround:

  • You may add subtitles (even bold e.g.) as choice items and a contraint to exclude their selection.
  • You may start with a note or group with label as question and put multiple single selects on the same page (field-list option).

It would be a new comfortable feature for Collect/Enketo.

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Thank you, I have used the constraint method as a work around for now.

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You may use special choice names to facilitate a simple constraint, e.g. high numbers.
And also add a hint for the user.

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