'.heic' image files

Hi Everyone.

For an image question type, if you click the “upload”, you get 3 selections: “Photo Library, Take Photo, Choose File”. The issue is that if someone on an iPhone selects the image from the Photo Library, then it uploads a .heic formatted file and stores it. This is not one of the supported image types.

Is there any way we can either auto-convert to .jpg, or get the ability to limit the drop down combo to force them to select from a file?

I haven’t been able to find an open source library to do the conversion, so adding the ability to limit the source may be the best option.

Thanks in advance!

@volunteer, maybe there are two options that should solve your issue instantly. The first option (post-processing) is to convert the image type to the desired format using any online converter tool like this one here. The second option (pre-processing) is to capture and store images in jpeg format on iPhone following this site here.