Hello dears, I faced error while I tried to upload a form on Kobo. It is associated with duplicate error which I have tried to fix multiple times and couldnt do it. Any help pls?

Welcome to the community, @Zere0913! You could validate your XLSForm through this online validator. The online validator should help you identify the syntax issues present within your XLSform.

This post discussed previously should also help you solve such issues:

Thank you Kal for the swift response. the online validator couldn’t again upload my XLS form mentioning the duplicate error.
How can I allow the duplicate choice setting as I didn’t see any option in the setting sheet of the XLS form?
Thank you!

With the online validator, you should be able to see syntax issues. So you will need to fix the issue and re-run the online validator (until you see no more issues).

Thank you so much Kal, Got it!

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