Hello, we want to submitt data fro the form, but we are facining this error “Failed to execute transaction on IDBdatabase the database connection is closing” can you help me?

we have 90 records in kobo collect, however we are facing this error only in some cases, sometimes there is no problem. can you help us?

Welcome to the community @aida.pazrubio! Could you try this out on a different browser? Maybe try it out on a modern browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.

thanks for the welcome. In chrome we have no problem. The error is being reported by users we do not know and we have no way of knowing which browser they are using. Most of the surveys are being answered from mobile.

@aida.pazrubio, you will need to recommend your team to use modern browsers. That should solve your issue. Also please advise your team to check if the browsers have been updated to it’s latest version.