Help in deploying a project (row : 46] List name not in choices sheet: ag4gq59)

Dear all
I am trying to deploy a project but I get the following message. Can anyone help me
unable to deploy

your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

[row : 46] List name not in choices sheet: ag4gq59

I have a project which is deployed but when I try to get a blank form I get the below message. Any suggestions

Form list download failed
If you keep having this problem report it to the person who asked you to collect data

Hello @asaaau,

From the error log I can say that in row 46 of your XLS form there is a question which requires a choice list named ag4gq59, and in your choices sheet, there are no choices under that list_name.

Hope this helps, if not, can you provide screenshots of your question and your choices list so I can show you where the problem is.


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@asaaau, to back up with what @hakan_cetinkaya has advised, you could also validate your XLSForm through this online validator. The online validator should help you identify issues from your XLSForm.