Help in Text alignement of form

I really have a hard time with this, the form is written from right to left!
I dont know how to fix this

Hello @elvira_rios,
This is probably based on an automatic formatting

  • In one of the first lines of your XLSForm there is a right aligned text/language
  • Your KoBo login/project language setting is a right aligned one.

Is there a hint or guidance_hint text missing in one of the languages for the first question (Name).
Which languages do you use in the form?
Did you check the form with the Online validator?

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The form is writted in spanish and I still don’t know what can I do… the form is running ok, only the pulldata function is not working

Welcome to the community, @Joaninha! Could you also share the XLSForm with the community so that the community could also troubleshoot for you?

Thank You so much for all of you help
Its fixed now

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@Joaninha, could you provide some details on how the issue was fixed? The details provided should be helpful for the community incase someone faces the same in the future.