Help me out on Error 500

Dear all,

I am receiving Error 500 while deploying a new form. Could you please help out with this?

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at6FscPHdDgDqWjN8SLBXE_Revised.xls (197.5 KB)

Hi @aussp,

Please have a closer look at your choices sheet. The list_name guzar should have a unique name under the name column i.e. you have similar names repeating under name column for guzar like 1, 8, 3, 6. For your ease, see the highlighted name that are not unique. Fix this out and your issue should be solved.

You could also validate your xlsform here. It should help you identify syntax errors within your survey form.

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I changed all but still the same error I face.

I sent you the file, could you bring changes yourself.

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Hi @aussp
What was cited by @Kal_Lam is definately an issue that needs to be sorted. I however noticed an additional issue that needs to be sorted for your form to work. You have defined a cascade select based on the entry province, however when I look at your form I do not see a definition of province on your choices sheet.

Try including this in your choices sheet.

Hi @aussp,

FYI, kindly please do not use the Projects (legacy) to upload your survey form in KoBoToolbox. While uploading the survey form through the Projects (legacy), you will see the warning message besides you are also not able to sync your data in KPI (i.e. you are only able to see your data in the legacy). We strongly request users to upload your survey form through the KPI (KoBoToolbox Form Builder User Interface).

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Good Day. Please am trying to deploy my project but it is giving Error 5oo message.
the following are my details
Username: xxxxxx


Hi @Bola,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind having a look at the survey project now. You should be able to work smoothly (without seeing any error messages).

Have a great day!

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