Help me with getting my xls format back

I downloaded the file in xls format before deploying it. However, I accidentally applied filter onto the file and as a result, my file’s content is completely jumbled and not getting back in that older version. I thought may be it might get into its original state if I upload it. Therefore, I replaced the form. Now, the kobotool is not working and showing all kinds of error as the format is all messed up.

How I can retrieve that older version of tool that I replaced ? In case is there any way for me to make this xls form back into it’s original format ?

I would appreciate if someone can help me fix this problem. Otherwise, my entire night’s work will be gone.

Hi @apulikkal,

In the Form section, click on SHOW FULL HISTORY, clone the version you want, then download that cloned version as xlsform.

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