Help needed to overcome the issue of index-repeat

I am receiving an error when attempting to replicate the “Including names and other responses from previous repeat groups” section of the post called “Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups” Written by Tino Kreutzer. The Error reads:

"Error occured during the loading of this form. It is recommended not to use this form for data entry until this is resolved.

Please contact support with the link to this page and the error message below:

  • FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: index-repeat( /model/instance[1]/data/attendance_count ), message: Function “{}index-repeat” does not exist."

Here is an my XLS form:

Can someone explain where I went wrong?

Hi @Tutapona,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind having a look at the attached xlsform that i shared with in the forum earlier to show how the index-repeat works. GOOD DAY!

Household (Index) Repeat Example.xlsx (40.0 KB)

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