Help respondant find a select_multiple answer by typing their response


I want to create a select_multiple question witha very large number of possible answers (names). It might be hard for respondants to find the answer so I’d like to give them the opportunity to type the name they want to select so that the matching answer appears. I don’t want to use a text question because respondants might answer typos.

Is there a functionality (maybe in appearances) that would allow me to do that? Thank you in advance for your help.

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You can use autocomplete in appearance to achieve that.

See this for more info:


Hi @hakan_cetinkaya thank you for your help, however it seems that the autocomplete appearance only works with select_one questions and not select_multiple :frowning:

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Can you try appearance = search, please?


doesn’t work either

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Can you, please, share the related part/extract of your form, as XLSForm format?

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Maybe the documentation can help you. The usage described is different. See, please, Question Types - ODK Docs. At least, for Collect it should work.

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@mohammedTaleb7, @wroos, @hakan_cetinkaya :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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